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Landfill workers have access to PPEs – Sol

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The Sol Plaatje Municipality has denied claims that its workers at the landfill site do not have sufficient Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) to perform their duties.

The workers claimed this week that they had only received four disposable facemasks, that they are expected to use for four days each.

The workers further complained that there was no sanitising taking place at the landfill.

Spokesperson for Sol Plaatje Municipality, Thoko Riet, pointed out that the workers were regularly allocated NK95 masks.

She explained that NK95 masks were reusable.

“Those masks can be used for a day or two unless the worker feels they are wet and too sweaty to use again.

“If they feel they cannot use the same mask again, they have the right to ask for a new mask from their supervisor on site,” said Riet.

“If they are in need of PPEs there is an agreement in place. They have the right to approach their supervisor and request the necessary masks.

“There is no rule that forces them to use one mask for longer if they are uncomfortable with it.”

Riet added that the supervisor on site kept a record of the required PPE, which they collected at the council yard.

“The municipality regards its workers highly so there is no way that the workers’ lives will be put at such risk by not being provided with PPEs.”

She indicated that each section at the municipality was allocated enough masks, gloves and sanitisers.

“The supervisors are expected to fill in requisitions in order to collect all the PPEs timeously at the council yard before they run out of supply.”

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