Home News Knife-wielding robbers hit CBD café

Knife-wielding robbers hit CBD café


The business’ takings from the previous day, as well as the cash float, were stolen

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A BUSINESS in the Kimberley CBD was robbed yesterday morning, after three men, armed with knives, held up the shop assistant.

The owner of House of Flavours, Freda Keyser, said her assistant was on duty early yesterday morning when three men came in and ordered takeaways.

“She went to the back to prepare the order and noticed that the men were attempting to climb through the metal bars and immediately called me, although I was already on my way.”

Keyser said the bars had been installed on top of the counter to protect the staff on duty.

“There is a small hole – which we made to literally accommodate two takeaway boxes – which they were climbing through.”

She stated that one of the men held up her assistant with a large knife. “From the video footage, we could see that at least one of the other men was also carrying a knife.”

The business’ takings from the previous day, as well as the cash float, were stolen.

Police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, confirmed yesterday that the police in Kimberley were investigating a business robbery that took place at a café in Kimberley.

“On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, at about 8am, three unknown men entered the café and threatened the female shop assistant with a knife. She was alone at the shop. It was reported that the suspects spoke Afrikaans and fled with an undisclosed amount of cash and the assistant’s Samsung S6 cellphone,” said Kock.

Anyone with information is asked to call Detective Constable Masaka Ndubula on 071 473 1250. The police investigation continues.

Crime throughout the city has become a major concern for businesses and members of the public, with one business owner pointing out that they provided their own patrols outside their businesses, as well as worked closely with organisations like Wanya Tsotsi.

“There does appear to be more police activity and there have been a number of raids recently, but it seems that far more needs to be done about crime, particularly those targeting businesses, irrespective of where they are situated,” the business owner added.