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Kimberley couple ‘lose everything’ in shanty fire

Marie and Edwin Julies lost all their possessions when their shanty burnt down. Picture: Soraya Crowie

The couple are now sleeping outside next to the remains of their gutted shanty as they try and “guard” the zinc plates that survived the fire.

A COUPLE from Bobo Se Plaas in Kimberley have been spending their nights outside the gutted remains of their shanty after they lost everything in a fire this week.

The couple, Marie and Edwin Julies, said that their son had come to tell them, while they were visiting family in Homevale Extension, that their shanty was on fire on Tuesday.

According to Edwin, their 25-year-old son was at home when the incident occurred and was lucky to escape the blaze.

“We left our son at home and we went to Homevale Extension. While we were there, our son came and told us that the shanty was burning. When we came rushing back home, we saw the thick, black clouds of smoke and could not believe that it was our shanty burning. The flames had already engulfed the entire shanty by the time we arrived. The people were standing and watching,” Edwin said on Thursday.

He said there was nothing they could do to save their home and they had to watch their belongings go up in flames.

“We do not have water in our yards. The taps are situated a far distance from each other. The fire brigade came and extinguished the flames. Everything, however, was already burnt by the time the fire was extinguished. We lost absolutely everything,” he sighed.

Edwin said they now sleep outside next to the remains of their shanty in order to guard the zinc plates that survived the fire.

“All our clothes, furniture and food were burnt to ashes. We have nothing and have been reliant on the charity from neighbours and friends.

“Some neighbours gave us blankets to sleep with at night. We are guarding our zinc in order that criminals do not to steal them. We also have nowhere else to go to stay …

“We do not know where we will get the material to rebuild our shanty as we are both unemployed. We cannot live out in the open forever. There were some people who promised to assist us but we are still waiting on them.

“This incident had taken the little we had. We now have to rebuild but we have no idea where to even start.”

The Galeshewe police had not responded to media enquiries by the time of going to press.

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