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Jan Kempdorp man dies after being severely assaulted


No arrests have been made yet after a 42-year-old man died after being severely assaulted in Jan Kempdorp.

NO ARRESTS have been made yet after a 42-year-old man died after being severely assaulted in Jan Kempdorp.

Family members of Alfred Fredericks stated that it was also alleged that his penis had been tied with a rubber band and that he was assaulted after he was caught stealing electric fencing at a nearby farm.

They indicated that they were still waiting for the post mortem results.

Nicolette Narogoe, 22, said her uncle left home on June 2 and only returned the following day.

“He was beaten throughout the night and left on the side of the road. Someone picked him up off the street and helped him to get home as he was unable to walk. It appeared as if he suffered memory loss and was bleeding profusely. His nose was bleeding and his underwear was blood stained. He was extremely thirsty and said that his feet were so cold that he was unable to feel his legs. He asked us to untie his laces although he was not wearing any shoes.”

She added that someone who she assumed was the farm owner came to look for her uncle the following day.

“He came with a dog and a security guard in search of my uncle but I told them that he was in hospital.”

Narogoe stated that she was informed on June 3 that her uncle had died in hospital.

“We still have many questions surrounding the brutal manner in which he was killed. The farm owner should have called the police to have him arrested. Instead he was beaten like a dog and left to die in the street.

“We are still waiting to hear what the cause of his death was.

“Before he died he called out his two-year-old daughter’s name.”

She indicated that she was now the primary caregiver of his two young children.

“My uncle was a single parent looking after his four-year-old son and two-year-old daughter as their mother is a Lesotho national. She returned home and was unable to take their children with her over the border. It is a challenge because the children do not have birth certificates. It is so painful because the last image they have of their father is of him crying as he was fighting for his life.”

Narogoe added that the children were crying for their father.

“They are upset because they usually sleep with him at night. Their father was their hero.”

She indicated that Fredericks was not employed and was searching for work.

Lieutenant Colonel Sergio Kock on Tuesday said the Jan Kempdorp SAPS were investigating a murder after a 42-year-old man died in the Jan Kempdorp hospital on June 3.

“It is alleged the victim was assaulted on the evening of June 2 and died the following day. “An autopsy will be performed to determine the exact cause of death.”

He added that no arrests had been made yet.

“Anyone with information to contact Detective Sergeant Lionel Tau on 060 976 9068. The investigation continues.”

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