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‘Jammer’ syndicate hits city


It is alleged that a syndicate is operating in the city and stealing from cars parked at local shopping centres.

BE SAFE: Many of us lock our cars and never check whether its locked or not. Motorists are advised to ensure their cars are locked before moving away from them.

AN APPEAL has been made for public assistance in tracking down members of an alleged syndicate that has been stealing from cars parked at local shopping centres after jamming the remotes of the vehicles.

This comes following the arrests of a number of suspects who are alleged to be part of a larger criminal organisation.

While two people have already been arrested, Pierre van Aardt from PAW Security said that his firm was currently working with the police to track at least two additional suspects.

However, he added that the four suspects appear to be part of a larger syndicate and he appealed to anyone who has fallen victim to similar crimes to come forward.

“We have been working with the police after an incident on Saturday, where one of our clients had a laptop and about R20 000 stolen out of his car,” Van Aardt said yesterday afternoon.

“We were able to hunt down the suspects which resulted in a chase on Monday. Unfortunately, they were able to get away. Luckily, with the help of the SAPS Flying Squad and staff of the Shell Ultra City, we were able to catch up with the suspects again. Two have been arrested while we are still hunting for at least two more.”

According to Van Aardt, an inspection of the vehicle being driven by the suspects at the time of their arrest, uncovered evidence that allegedly indicates that the four suspects are part of a larger criminal operation.

“The vehicle registration didn’t match the car they were driving while there were items recovered that are believed to have been stolen,” he explained.

“This is still an ongoing investigation and police have applied for warrants to search premises linked to the suspects.

“I can’t comment on the estimated value of these goods.

“We believe that the syndicate has been targeting unsuspecting victims at various shopping complexes throughout the city and anyone who believes that they may have fallen victim is asked to come forward with any information that could assist in the investigation.”

A spokesperson for the SAPS, Captain Sergio Kock, confirmed the incident.

“Staff of PAW security contacted the police after they spotted the suspects’ vehicle at a petrol station in Kimberley,” Kock said. “The Flying Squad and Visible Policing units reacted swiftly and arrested the two suspects at the premises.

“A white Mazda 323 was also confiscated as it was allegedly utilised in the commission of a crime.”

Kock said that police also found some tools in the vehicle and added that the suspects “might be” jamming signals of car alarms before breaking into the vehicles.

“The two adult male suspects arrested should be appearing in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court soon,” he added.