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I am giving back to community – Dipuo


Dialogue to discuss the social ills as well as the challenges they face in the economic mainstream falls in line with Peters' current vision and plans for the future

Talking: Young women from across the Province came together to discuss various social ills and challenges they face. Picture: Danie van der Lith

FORMER Minister of Transport Dipuo Peters has indicated that she is ready to set up tent in her home town, Kimberley, following her resignation from Parliament earlier this year.

Peters opted to resign as a member of Parliament following a cabinet reshuffle by President Jacob Zuma, where she was replaced as minister by Joe Maswanganyi.

Peters on Friday attended a Young Women Dialogue event which was organised by the Northern Cape Department of Social Development.

Young women from the Frances Baard, Pixley ka Seme and ZF Mgcawu districts discussed the social ills as well the challenges they face in the economic mainstream.

Various government agencies also presented their services to attendees at the event.

Peters said that the event fell in line with her current vision and plans for the future.

“I am a social worker by profession. Since I have been at home, I have had the opportunity to engage with the youth, who want information, guidance, advice and a mentor. One of the things we learned during our training as social workers is that social workers are agents of change. In essence I am ploughing back into the community what I was trained to do,” she said.

“Kimberley is my home base, foundation a part of me that built and created me. I was politically cut and polished here and further enhanced and embellished by South Africa and globally. It is always good to look back and see what it is one can do together with the community.”

Peters added that she also felt safer in the city.

“I also feel safe in Kimberley. There are young people who are volunteering their time to make our communities safe, like Operation Wanya Tsotsi who ensure that the community is safe. The organisation is creating an environment for young children to be safe.”

Although she does not have a portfolio currently, Peters said that she is still active in politics.

“As a member of the National Executive Committee, the Northern Cape has nominated me to the nation. Not seeing me in the Northern Cape does not mean I am not in touch with the Province. I am not in any office but am politically in the NEC of the ANC. In the ANC, one does not deploy yourself. The organisation determines what you should do and where you should do it. I am making my personal expertise available to be used by the organisation and the nation.

“The experience and the investment and growth I have accumulated over the years, I am putting back into the community. Wherever there are programmes available which need my expertise, I am available.”

Peters said that her decision to resign was spurred on by the fact that she needed to take some personal time.

“I took a personal decision to have some ‘me time’. I also had some ailments which were a challenge in my life. I now have a different outlook on life and want to actively plough back into the community,” she said.