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Hunt is on for city dad’s killer


Nine-year-old boy celebrates his birthday with his father hours before standing at his graveside.

THE SCENE: A 52-year-old man was stabbed to death at the home of his nine-year-old son in Petunia Road, Squarehill Park early yesterday morning.

Only hours after celebrating his ninth birthday, a young Kimberley boy was forced to stand at his father’s graveside yesterday following a fatal stabbing in Squarehill Park.

Police have called for assistance from members of the public in tracing a suspect allegedly involved in the murder of Lionel Fritz, 52, following an apparent lovers’ quarrel in Petunia Street in the early hours of yesterday morning.

As per the Islamic tradition, the funeral of the deceased took place yesterday afternoon while police also confirmed that the search for the suspect continues.

Petunia Street resident, Anne Samuels, said yesterday that there were still several unanswered questions following the incident which saw the father of her grandson being stabbed to death, allegedly by a person whom police spokesperson, Lieutenant-Colonel Dimakatso Mooi, said was romantically linked to Samuels’ daughter, Lisell.

“I really cannot go into much detail as I am not sure what happened,” Samuels said.

“My grandson had his birthday on Sunday so we celebrated by going to look at the Christmas lights. He also got some money as a gift and wanted to go to McDonald’s before returning home.”

According to Samuels, Fritz paid his son a visit on most evenings and Sunday was no exception.

While she was not willing to divulge specifics yesterday, she added that her daughter had a male visitor when Fritz arrived to give his son his birthday present.

“After a brief argument, I heard a huge commotion and decided to stay in my room,” she said.

“Quarrels will always happen, but nobody ever thinks that it is going to end like this. It happens so quickly and unexpectedly.”

Samuels added that her grandson was picked up by relatives to attend his father’s funeral, but she doubted whether the young child knew what had transpired.

“I don’t think he has actually registered that his father is gone and I have no idea how they are going to tell him. His father used to visit him almost every night.”

The police have called on members of the public to assist in finding the suspect, who fled the scene after the incident.

“It is alleged that, in the early hours of Monday morning, the victim was involved in an argument with the suspect before being stabbed to death,” Mooi said.

“The suspect has since disappeared and the police request anyone with information regarding the incident to contact Warrant Officer Mafaro of Kimberley detectives on 082 302 0407 or the Crime Stop line 08600 10111.”