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Housing hopes dashed


The community suspects that these forms were dumped by the Dikgatlong Municipality, to whom the documents were submitted

FUMING: Barkly West residents are furious after finding thousands of applications for low cost housing and identification documents dumped in the veld. Picture: Danie van der Lith

SHACK dwellers in Barkly West have reacted with outrage after thousands of application forms for low cost housing were found dumped in the veld just outside the town earlier this week.

Among the dumped documentation were also hundreds of copies of ID documents.

The community suspects that these forms were dumped by the Dikgatlong Municipality, to whom the documents were submitted.

Yesterday community members reacted with outrage, stating that their hopes of receiving houses had been shattered following the discovery of the dumped documents.

“We have determined that the documents contain application forms for low cost housing, as well as the ID documents of applicants that were submitted to the Dikgatlong Municipality in a bid to secure houses. Most of these applicants are living in shacks and went through the effort of obtaining and completing the documents, as well as making copies of and certifying their ID documents. However, all that effort is now in vain, as these documents were simply dumped in the veld, like trash,” residents said.

They added that the dumping showed the total disregard the Dikgatlong Municipality had for its residents living in shacks, without basic services like water and electricity.

“Those who thought they were on a waiting list to receive a house will now have to repeat the entire application process. If we did not find the dumped documents, hundreds, if not thousands of applicants would still be under the impression that they had applied for a house, while in actual fact these applications were rotting away in the veld,” they added.

“What is most frustrating is the fact that there are no guarantees that the Dikgatlong Municipality will consider the applications that were now made, as they have already shown that these documents we consider to be extremely important, actually means nothing to them.”

The residents added that they had received no feedback from the municipality following questions about the dumping and that they were now considering taking legal action.

The Dikgatlong Municipality was yesterday not available for comment to establish if the documents had, in fact, been dumped by the local authority.