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Hijacker sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment


Man found guilty of attempted murder and robbery, sentenced to twelve years’ imprisonment.

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AN ACCUSED was sentenced to 12 years’ imprisonment by the Kuruman Regional Court after he was convicted on two charges of attempted murder and robbery with aggravating circumstances.

The accused, Olebogeng Kabisa Akende, was found guilty of robbing a driver of a vehicle at gunpoint.

Northern Cape police spokesperson Captain Olebogeng Tawana said on Thursday that during the court proceedings the investigating officer, Sergeant Richard Maekeco, who was attached to the Kimberley Vehicle Crime Investigation unit, testified that the accused and two other suspects hitch-hiked a ride with the driver on the Kuruman main road on October 28 last year.

“The driver pulled over and gave them a lift. Along the way, the three suspects drew a firearm and a knife. They dropped off the driver and sped off with the Volkswagen Polo. The driver reported the incident to the police in Kuruman. The police immediately dispatched a lookout for the hijacked vehicle. The vehicle matching the description was spotted in the neighbourhood in Kuruman,” said Tawana.

He added that a high-speed chase ensued, where shots were exchanged between the police and the accused.

“Among the accused was a female accomplice. Later, during the investigation, the other male accused was released as he could not be linked to the case.”

Tawana stated that the female accused absconded and failed to attend court after she was released on bail, while Akende remained in custody throughout his trial.

“Akende was found guilty and sentenced on October 29 in the Kuruman Regional Court.”

The Northern Cape SAPS provincial management applauded Sergeant Maekeco for his “exceptional investigative work” that led to the conviction.

The investigating officer, Sergeant Richard Maekeco. Picture: Supplied
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