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Helping hand for Sol


The deputy minister also urged all municipal officials and councillors to work hard in order to improve the quality of life for the city’s residents

SOL PLAATJE executive mayor Patrick Mabilo has been instructed to supply the Deputy Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Noxolo Kiviet, with weekly service delivery reports.

At the ANC’s recent 108th anniversary celebrations in the city, Mabilo received a tongue lashing from President Cyril Ramaphosa due to poor service delivery.

The city was in a sorry state when the high-level ANC delegation descended on Kimberley last month.

Kiviet returned to the city yesterday to engage with senior officials, where she met with members of the provincial government and the municipality in a closed session.

The meeting formed part of an integrated approach to accelerate service delivery in the municipality.

The purpose was to find ways to improve service delivery through an accelerated Expanded Public Works Programme, highlighting the challenges and finding suitable recommendations in advancing the quality of services to all communities.

The municipality continues to be slammed by residents for poor service delivery and is plagued by political infighting and municipal worker strikes and go-slows.

Services have still not improved following the president’s visit and the collection of refuse has all but ground to a halt in many areas. There are constant complaints of broken water pipes, sewage spillages, potholes and bucket toilets that are not being collected at informal settlements.

Kiviet expressed deep concern regarding the level of service delivery challenges being experienced by the city.

She committed to support the mayor’s “cleaning our wards” programme and to work closely with the municipality to enhance service delivery to all wards and areas and offer support where it’s needed.

The deputy minister also urged all municipal officials and councillors to work hard in order to improve the quality of life for the city’s residents.

Kiviet said further that the current public works programme will be effectively co-ordinated for maximum impact and that the mayor will submit progress reports to her office on an ongoing basis.

Mabilo welcomed the support from the Office the Deputy Minister and pledged that all hands are on deck to advance the quality of service delivery.

He said that the much-needed assistance will help to address the city’s pothole problem and help provide skills development and enterprise development for the youth, women and people with disabilities.

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