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Griqua back at ANC


He stated that his reason for the move was the “constant abuse” from the DA leadership

press conference: From left: ANC member Shaine Griqua, ANC Frances Baard regional chairperson, Mangaliso Matika, and ANC REC regional secretary, Webster Dichaba. Picture: Danie van der Lith

“I am coming back home and this is where my family and I will remain.” These were the words of former Northern Cape DA councillor, Shaine Griqua, after he rejoined the ANC on Friday, just one day after resigning from the DA.

Griqua resigned from the DA last Thursday and at the time did not want to discuss his future plans, despite speculation that he would cross the floor to the ANC.

The next day Griqua, during a press conference called by the ANC in the Frances Baard region, announced that he is now again a member of the party. He stated that his reason for the move was the “constant abuse” from the DA leadership.

“I left the ANC in 2006 to take sabbatical leave to pursue my religious studies. In 2016 I was approached by the DA to join the party as they had no strong candidate to contest in the elections.

“However, I suffered constant abuse from the leadership of the DA because of my friendship with members in the ANC. The DA is a concealed driveway and I will voice my concerns on these issues. In the ANC, you know your enemies, however in the DA one has to calculate your next move because you are not certain who is against you.”

Griqua said he realised during his stint in the DA that he was not the only unhappy person. “I did a baseline survey and found that seven out of 10 DA members were not happy. I do not want to continue to be part of that statistic,” he said.

He assured everyone that his move was not motivated by the upcoming elections. “The time was right to make the move. I was never chased away by the ANC. Within the ANC I can do more for the religious fraternity as well as the LGBTI community,” he said.

Griqua said he will also encourage those in Ward 28, were he was councillor, to join the ANC.

“The coloured vote has been neglected by political parties. The DA does not respect the coloured vote. My ward has been neglected and with the ANC we will be able to bring change to that ward. The ANC is able to bring that change and opportunities, which the DA cannot do,” he said.

The regional chairperson of the ANC in the Frances Baard region, Mangaliso Matika, said although there is a vacant post in Ward 28 since Griqua’s resignation, he (Griqua) will however not be contesting for it during the by-elections.

“Shaine will be on the ground in Ward 28. He needs to convince people in that ward to come to the ANC. He will not be contesting as councillor in that ward,” said Matika.

DA provincial leader Andrew Louw said last Thursday he was taken by surprise by Griqua’s resignation and was not aware of any underlying problems that could have motivated the decision.