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Granny rape accused in court

Kagisho Tsamaisi appearedin the Kimberley

THE SPEEDY finalisation of rape cases must be prioritised. This was the call made by residents of Ward 30 in Lerato Park, who attended the court appearance of Kagisho Tsamaisi, who is accused of raping a 68-year-old grandmother last month.

According to reports, the woman’s two grandchildren, who are eight months old and two years old, were sleeping next to her while the ordeal took place.

The woman had to undergo an operation after she suffered a prolapsed womb following the rape.

Ward councillor Paul Kock said at Tsamaisi’s appearance in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court yesterday, that the community hoped that the alleged perpetrator would be brought to book quickly.

“As residents of the ward, we wrote a letter to the chief magistrate asking that justice be served. If this man is not guilty then he can be released, but those responsible must be caught. If he is guilty, they should prosecute him speedily,” said Kock.

“The other worrying fact is that the accused and victim are neighbours. They are staying in a semi-detached house and although there is a wall separating the two houses, there is one roof.

“We have to protect our children and elderly from perpetrators of such crimes,” added Kock.

The woman at the time said that she was fearful that her attacker would hurt her grandchildren while he raped her.

The case was postponed to next week for a formal bail application. The accused will remain in custody until then.