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Government reinforces booze travel ban


Retailers in the liquor industry and tavern owners have been dealt yet another a blow. The regulations will remain until the lockdown ends on April 30.

Johannesburg – Major retailers in the liquor industry and tavern owners in the country have been dealt yet another a blow as the government on Thursday emphasised that the current ban on the transportation of alcohol during the duration of the lockdown remains until April 30.

These were added strict measures announced by Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma today during a joint government briefing on new amendments on regulations governing the lockdown.

Dlamini Zuma made these strict measures while the Gauteng Liquor Forum has threatened to take President Cyril Ramaphosa to court to force him to open up their businesses.

But Dlamini Zuma was adamant saying “there will be no transportation of alcohol until the end of the lockdown.”

According to Dlamini Zuma, who alongside several ministers gave an update on discussions and decisions taken by the National Command Council, all transport regulations during the 21 days nationwide lockdown which was expected to conclude on Thursday will continue in the two weeks extended period which was announced by Ramaphosa on Thursday last week.

Indicating that the government was working towards an orderly phased out of the lockdown, Dlamini Zuma said petrol and diesel retailers have been allowed to go back to work to ramp up the availability of the products ahead of the end of the lockdown.

Those working at hardware stores, vehicle repairs retailers, call centres, ICT services have also been allowed to return to work.

Dlamini Zuma, however, maintained that regulations related to funerals still remain the same.

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