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Girlfriend killer gets 18 years


“When Sisi fell outside, the little girl knelt next to her mother, who was not moving, and begged him to leave her mommy alone.”

A 29-YEAR-old Kimberley man, Thabo Phillemon Khonkhobe, was sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment for stabbing his girlfriend, Mases “Sisi” Cross, to death.

Police spokesperson Lieutenant-Colonel Dimakatso Mooi said yesterday that the incident happened on October 26, 2019, at around 9pm.

“Khonkhobe was embroiled in an argument with his girlfriend and stabbed her several times with a sharp object at their house in Kagisho. The victim died on the scene and Khonkhobe was arrested the same day at the scene of crime.”

Mooi added that Khonkhobe was denied bail and made several appearances before court until he was found guilty and sentenced to 18 years’ imprisonment on Tuesday.

“The SAPS management in the Northern Cape welcomed the sentence and applauded the investigating officer, Sergeant Marcio Capkey, for his meticulous investigation that ensured that the accused was found guilty.”

At the time of the incident it was reported that Cross’ five-year-old daughter had apparently not only witnessed the brutal murder but was then locked inside the house with the body.

Shocked neighbours in Club 2000 described at the time how they had watched in horror as the child pleaded with her mother’s attacker to spare the woman’s life.

“We heard Sisi screaming and saw her run outside. Her attacker smashed her head against the wall several times, before she fled into the house again. It was quiet for a while and then she re-appeared at the door and ran towards the gate before she fell down. The whole time her five-year-old daughter was following them in and out of the house as he chased her,” said a neighbour.

“When Sisi fell outside, the little girl knelt next to her mother, who was not moving, and begged him to leave her mommy alone.

“The man lifted Sisi’s head as she lay on the ground and kissed her on the lips, saying ‘I love you Sisi’, before dragging her back into the house.”

According to the neighbours, they had become accustomed to the couple’s domestic fights.

“They would fight at night and were all lovey-dovey the next day,” the neighbours told reporters at the time.

They added that by the time her attacker dragged her into the house, she was probably already dead. “It was very quiet, and he even switched off the light.

“After a long while, he left the house and went to the tap to wash his hands and arms, before leaving the yard.”

The concerned neighbours asked him what had happened but he apparently refused them entry to the house, saying that Cross was asleep with the child.

“Someone called the family and the aunt was the first person to go into the house, where she found that Sisi was already dead. The aunt came out screaming after she found Sisi’s bloodied, naked body on the bed,” said a traumatised neighbour at the time.

She added that the police were called, while the attacker just sat inside the yard with his hands on his head, before being arrested.

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