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GBVF activist attacked and robbed in Galeshewe


A prominent GBVF activist in Kimberley believes he was targeted for his advocacy work after a harrowing attack.

Gregorary Ngonyane was attacked and robbed by a group of armed men. Picture: Supplied

A PROMINENT gender-based violence and femicide (GBVF) activist, Gregorary Ngonyane, believes he is being targeted for standing up for vulnerable members of the community after he was attacked and robbed.

Ngonyane said that he was on his way home in Galeshewe on June 18 when he was approached by a group of men armed with guns, pangas and knives at around 7pm.

“I was robbed of my cellphone and believe that I was followed prior to the attack. One of the attackers was a foreign national with a French accent.”

He pointed out that the street lights in the area have not been functioning for the past three years, contributing to the high crime rate.

Ngonyane said that the men covered their faces with balaclavas and masks.

“Since last year, I have received threats and anonymous calls where I was warned that the safety of my family and myself was in jeopardy if I failed to stop with what I was doing.”

He said the continued threats made it difficult for him to focus on speaking out against perpetrators of violence and domestic abuse.

“I am an emotional wreck. It is only by God’s mercy that I am still alive. I will be taking a break from fighting GBVF, rape, sexual harassment-related cases involving top officials and holding men accountable.“

Ngonyane said a case was opened at the Kimberley police station after he was apparently told at the Kagisho police station to call 10111.

“I was rudely treated [at the Kagisho police station]. No one bothered to open up a case. Up until now, no arrests have been made.”

Police spokesperson Colonel Cherelle Ehlers confirmed that the Kimberley SAPS were investigating a robbery with aggravating circumstances that occurred in Amakhuzeni Street, Galeshewe, on June 18 at around 7.20pm.

“The 57-year-old complainant alleges that he was accosted by a suspect who was armed with a panga and a firearm. It is believed that the complainant was robbed of his cellphone and watch,” said Ehlers.

She stated that no arrest had been made yet.

“The investigation continues. If a complainant is dissatisfied with the service delivered by a SAPS member, he/she is urged to contact the relevant station commander to address any concerns.”

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