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Fuel costs soar for mayoral vehicle


The Kgatelopele Local Municipality mayor has been accused of abusing the mayoral vehicle and petrol card, with spending on the petrol card believed to have risen to over R70,000 over the last four months.

The mayoral vehicle was apparently used to transport livestock carcasses in February. Picture: Supplied

THE KGATELOPELE Local Municipality mayor has admitted to making use of the mayoral vehicle to travel to Kimberley over the election weekend but denied that she was abusing municipal resources.

Opposition Kgatelopele councillors slammed the alleged reckless spending on the petrol card where the bill is believed to have risen to over R70,000 over the last four months.

PA councillor Frikkie Sebelogo stated that he had advised the mayor to purchase her own car so that she could experience the “pain at the petrol pumps” that ordinary residents do.

“It is easy to swipe the petrol card to fill the car at the municipality’s expense. The car does not belong to the mayor or the ANC,” said Sebelogo.

“She told me to shut my mouth and dared me to report her to the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) after admitting that she made use of the mayoral vehicle to attend a funeral in Kimberley.”

FF+ councillor Francois Maritz also condemned the alleged abuse of the petrol card and mayoral vehicle.

“The mayor must explain for what purposes the vehicle was used, what expenses are covered by the municipality and if there are unlimited funds in the fuel budget.”

The mayor, Irene Williams, indicated that her driver had dropped her off in Kimberley on Friday, May 31. “I then travelled with family members from Kimberley to Mafikeng.”

She denied making use of the mayoral vehicle for personal or political use.

“It is a lie – I take a taxi if I need to do my political work – that is the sort of mayor that I am. I do not use it for my own benefit. None of the opposition councillors approached me or told me that they had a problem,” said Williams.

She stated that she did not own her own car and did not receive a car allowance. “I only get a salary.”

She added that the opposition councillors were extremely “disrespectful”.

“Instead of raising their concerns with me, they are going to the media to discuss internal issues. I only use the car to attend South African Local Government Association (Salga) meetings and to attend to my work responsibilities. It is fine, I will give them the keys and make use of a taxi or Uber to fulfil my duties.”

Williams indicated that she did not know what the fuel expenses amounted to for the mayoral vehicle.

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