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Frances Baard ANC slams Sol over power cuts


ANC regional secretary says hundreds of residents experienced power cuts despite their municipal accounts being up to date.

The ANC in the Frances Baard District believes the Sol Plaatje Municipality could have dealt with outstanding accounts of residents instead of disconnecting the electricity. File image. Picture: Nhlanhla Phillips/African News Agency (ANA)

THE ANC in the Frances Baard District has urged the Sol Plaatje Municipality to use a more “sensitive” approach when dealing with outstanding accounts instead of disconnecting the electricity of customers who are apparently in arrears.

This follows after the municipality disconnected the electricity of residents who it claims are in arrears.

The regional secretary of the Frances Baard ANC, Wende Marekwa, said on Tuesday that hundreds of residents had experienced power cuts despite their municipal accounts being up to date.

“The Sol Plaatje Municipality is entrusted with the responsibility of rendering services to the public, but has been failing to do so since there are households that are still experiencing power cuts,” said Marekwa.

“The municipality started with the process of disconnecting the electricity to approximately 1,985 households. One of the reasons which contributed to the issue of disconnecting electricity, when Sol Plaatjie Municipality was confronted, was that there are households with prepaid electricity that are said to be in arrears. However, after conducting a follow-up, we discovered that there are households that are experiencing the same issue of electricity disconnection even though their accounts are up to date.

“We therefore believe that the municipality could’ve used a different approach to try to deal with this issue. We strongly recommend that Sol Plaatje Municipality should try a different approach and rather put proper measures when dealing with municipal issues, particularly concerning the broader community, to avoid the situation that prevailed.

“Residents should not be stressing about power cuts, especially in these difficult times of the pandemic,” concluded Marekwa.

The Office of the Executive Mayor was not available for comment.

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