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Focus on cleaning, greening campaigns


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FILTHY: The ally in Study Street, Beaconsfield, being cleaned up.

WHILE the city is hosting the Waste Management Khoro and Land Remediation Summit this week, a number of clean-up campaigns are currently also under way in Kimberley.

The Sol Plaatje executive mayor, Patrick Mabilo, yesterday welcomed delegates to the three-day summit which is being hosted by the Department of Environment, Forestry and Fisheries in Kimberley.

The theme of the summit is Good Green Deed, Asbestos and Land Remediation and is aimed at creating dialogue on issues related to chemical management, to raise awareness on waste management and remediation for sustainable and habitable cities.

In a statement sent by his office, Mabilo stated that since the start of this week the summit has drawn nearly 1 000 delegates to Kimberley which, he added, would contribute to the local economy of the city.

“Over the next few days delegates will interact and engage on how all stakeholders can grow the recycling economy and sustainable land remediation through cleaning and greening campaigns.”

Mabilo used the summit to appeal to all residents and formal and informal businesses to refrain from littering and illegal dumping.

“Solid waste is becoming a health hazard to our community and should be treated with urgency,” he stated.

Mabilo added that he noted with concern the number of illegal dumping sites that have appeared all over the city and surrounding areas.

“We urge residents and stakeholders to play their part by working with provincial and local government to preserve the beauty of our city.

“As a local municipality, we have undertaken to roll out cleaning and greening campaigns in order to bring back the sparkle to our city. It is my hope that we will maintain and sustain a clean and habitable city.”

In Beaconsfield and Klisserville, the municipality has appointed private contractors to clean up various dumping sites and overgrown sites in the area.

Ward councillor, Okkie Fourie, said yesterday that the focus was on areas where there was a lot of littering and dumping, as well as overgrown pieces of veld that posed a security risk to residents.

“The project has been ongoing since Thursday last week and a number of areas have already been cleared of overgrown bushes and grass as well as illegal dumping sites cleaned up,” Fourie said.

– Staff Reporter