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Family still in the dark after tragedy


De Sanderez was dragged for about 20 metres before the truck eventually stopped

ANSWERS: Susan van Wyk with a picture of her son, Alouine de Sanderez. Picture: Soraya Crowie

The family of a 22-year-old taxi “jumpboy”, who was killed after he was hit and dragged by a truck in Allen Street in Kimberley last year, said they are desperate for answers about what happened that fateful night.

Alouine de Sanderez was killed in December 2017 after he was hit by a truck behind Shoprite. According to a witness, De Sanderez was sitting on the pavement when they saw him being dragged by the truck as it drove off.

“The truck was pulling away and we shouted at the driver that someone was stuck under the wheels. At first he did not hear us. Some of the taxi drivers and other people at the scene ran to the truck and indicated to the driver to stop.

“He immediately stopped, but did not know what was happening. He was clearly in shock after realising what had happened,” the witness said at the time.

“I then called an ambulance. It was a terrible scene . . . the man’s arms were under the one wheel and his legs under another.”

De Sanderez was dragged for about 20 metres before the truck eventually stopped.

De Sanderez’ mother, Susan van Wyk, said yesterday that the family still had many unanswered questions about what exactly happened to her son.

“We still have no answers about what happened that night.

“It has been months since his death but nothing has been said or done following the incident. We have received no answers from the police or from Shoprite. We met with the investigating officer (IO) at the beginning of this year and she said that she would come back to us but she never did.

“I then asked my brother to get in touch with the IO and she again promised that she would get back to us. We are searching for answers,” Van Wyk said.

“We went to Shoprite and enquired about the company that owns the truck, as the name of the truck company was not on the vehicle. The manager at Shoprite could not give me the name of the company and said he was not on duty at the time.

“One manager, however, asked whether we were enquiring about the man who was pushed under the truck. He then refused to say anything further and only said that they would get the manager who was on duty at the time.

“It seems like people know there was foul play involved, but are too afraid to come forward,” she said.

Van Wyk added that she had a suspicion that her son was murdered.

“There were witnesses who saw my son and another taxi driver walking around the corner where the truck was parked. That taxi driver disappeared after the incident. He is also currently no longer working as a taxi driver and he has never come forward to provide any clarity on the matter.

“We see this person carrying on with his life as if nothing has happened. It is heartbreaking because my son died in a dreadful manner, but nobody seems to care,” she said.

Van Wyk said that she wanted those responsible to pay for what had happened.

“I will take action against the truck driver and the taxi driver who was with my child. The truck driver needed to ensure that it was safe before he pulled away. The person who pushed my child under the truck also needs to pay for what happened. I cannot let this matter die. I need justice for my child,” Van Wyk said.

Police spokesperson, Captain Sergio Kock, said no one has been arrested in connection with the incident.

“The Kimberley police are investigating a culpable homicide case and no arrests have been effected in this regard.

“Anyone with information regarding the incident can contact Detective Warrant Officer Pam Mafaro on 082 302 0407. The investigation continues,” said Kock.