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Exhibition shows off matrics’ artwork


The Whag provided a grand opportunity for the matrics to exhibit in a world-class and famous art gallery

THE WILLIAM Humphreys Art Gallery (Whag) is currently hosting the Kimberley Art Centre Grade 12 Prestige Art Exhibition for 2019.

The exhibition features works by 24 matric art pupils from various schools in the city and was opened by Gavin Petersen, an art teacher at Kimberley Boys’ High School.

“When you view these artworks, we can see what Albert Einstein meant when he said that creativity is intelligence having fun. Residents are invited to visit the exhibition, to have fun and to see beauty with their hearts, as Helen Keller reminds us,” Kimberley Art Centre spokesperson Anele Liebenberg noted.

Liebenberg added that the diverse exhibition was a “delightful display of the eye-catching successes” achieved by the matrics through their development over the past three years.

“These grade 12 artists are the prestigious, show-off products from various schools in Kimberley, including Kimberley Girls’ High, Hoërskool Diamantveld, Northern Cape High, Hoërskool Adamantia and Emang Mmogo Comprehensive School. The art on display is evidence of the mission of the Kimberley Art Centre to promote art and cultural diversity in the Northern Cape,” Liebenberg said.

She added that the Whag provided a grand opportunity for the matrics to exhibit in a world-class and famous art gallery.

“This exhibition is indeed a much desirable gateway to the art world, and is a dream come true, even for professional artists. The exhibition proudly presents a visual reminder of the excellent achievements in terms of matric art talent in Kimberley schools,” Liebenberg said.

The Kimberley Art Centre provides an opportunity to Grade 10, 11 and 12 pupils to take Visual Art as a subject. The centre also offers extra-curricular art classes for Grade R to Grade 9 pupils.

“While doing art, children develop in various ways. Firstly, their self-confidence and self-esteem grow, (and even stress-release or healing can take place), through expressing their opinions (or personal problems) in a valid and therapeutic way. Children who prefer non-verbal ways of communication can shine and flourish through art.

“Furthermore, the benefits of visual art for pupils are considerable. It develops and encourages creativity and problem-solving (including analytical thinking) in young minds. When children are still in the preschool phase, and in grades 1 to 3, they play with clay and draw and paint pictures. As they progress through the school grades and factual content of subjects increases they might not get as much exposure to creativity and visual stimulation as would perhaps be desirable. It is this void that the subject of art successfully fills.

“In the process, pupils have to look carefully at the object of their study, look from different angles and independently explore various perspectives and possibilities, thus developing analytical thinking skills. Art makes us sensitive to the world and its various issues, and especially to the people around us. Art therefore develops crucial parts of the mind that may not always get the necessary attention through the other disciplines of formal schooling,” Liebenberg explained.

She continued by saying that the the theme “rituals” was used to discover and reveal special stories or secrets.

“Residents are invited to go explore and enjoy each artwork differently, to share in the variety of stories and possibilities that are told. Sometimes the ‘message’ of an artwork, however, is just the beauty of it or the beauty of what is presented in it. Art for the sake of art and nothing else, so beautiful that it provides the experience of joy, uplifting the spirit of those coming into its sphere. Art and general creativity development is essential for all of us, all the time, in all areas of life, and for all careers, in order to be resourceful and successful, happy people,” Liebenberg concluded.

This exhibition will be on display at the Whag until November 4, 2019.

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