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Eskom fixing transformer


Eskom became aware of intermittent supply interruptions on December 23.

A POWER transformer that supplies electricity to Colesburg and Middelburg is being replaced with repairs estimated to be completed by January 9.

Eskom provincial spokesperson, Patricia Tsepane, said they became aware of intermittent supply interruptions on December 23 following the loss of a power transformer at one of the substations supporting the Colesberg and Middelburg networks.

She added that the power supply to these areas was restored on December 29 with the use of an emergency interim solution.

Tsepane indicated that the replacement transformer was delivered to the Newgate substation on January 2.

“The replacement process on site has commenced and we envisage that it will be completed by January 9.

“Eskom will issue a notice regarding the pending interruption of supply that will be required to enable the commissioning of the new transformer.

“We thank customers for their patience while we work to normalise the electricity supply to the affected areas.”

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