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Enhanced security for legislature


New CCTV equipment and biometric access control systems will be installed at the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature.

The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature. File picture

NEW CCTV equipment and biometric access control systems will be installed at the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature (NCPL).

Speaker Newrene Klaaste, delivering the 2022/23 budget speech, stated that it was discovered that the security of the precinct was “somewhat compromised”.

“In 2021, as we concluded the structural defects project, we realised that the institution was required to install and enhance its security measures. The legislature has managed to secure funds to implement the first phase of the electronic security systems upgrades at this national key points strategic installation. This will inevitably improve the compliance standards with the minimum physical security standards and the critical Infrastructure Protection Act,” said Klaaste.

She indicated that critical security infrastructure, including the fire detection and prevention system, would be upgraded in phase two.

“The legislature has been challenged with the repair of the back-up water and generator systems, which negatively impacts operations of the institution and compromises productivity when general interruptions are being experienced. A decision was taken to fund the repair and commissioning of this critical equipment, within the goods and services budget of the security, records and facilities section, so that these interruptions can be prevented in future.”

Klaaste added that the hygiene and general appearance of the facility had significantly improved after a two-year contract for gardening and cleaning services was appointed.

“All other maintenance matters are being dealt with on a daily basis.”

She stated that the members’ boardroom would be upgraded and digitised, while new equipment would enable hybrid house sittings and committee meetings.

Klaaste noted that the bulk of the goods and services budget was spent on travel and subsistence, audit fees, property and operating payments.

“In order to overcome our budgetary challenges and continue to deliver services to the people of the Province, administration will have to improve its adherence to the cost-containment measures that are put in place, avoid unforeseen or unexpected costs and in effect exercise financial discipline in all the goods and services procured by the legislature.”

NCPL budget allocation for 2022/23 financial year:

Total allocation: R210.7 million

Compensation of employees: R132.3 million (representing 63 percent of the total budget)

Goods and Services: R39.5 million

Transfers and subsidies: R38.8 million

Office of the Speaker: R12.4 million

Office of the Secretary: R8.3 million

Corporate Services: R28.5 million

Financial management: R27 million

Members facilities: R7.3 million

Political party support: R17.7 million

Law making and house business: R16.3 million

Public participation and oversight: R830,000

In addition to funding provided by the provincial revenue fund, the NCPL will be accessing donor funding amounting to R3.1 million during this financial year for the following projects:

Web site – R173,270

Communication strategy – R290,000

Facilitate and develop a NCPL public participation strategy – R307,800

Training for committee support personnel – R58,362.50

Reviewed and customised NCPL oversight model – R304,000

Accredited public participation training – R140,000

Training for the public accounts committee – R53,992.50

Labour relations training – R308,043.12

Committee and resolution tracking system – R1.5 million

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