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EFF leaders call for calm


Some protesters were also calling for revenge and threats were made to “shoot the boere (farmers)”

An EFF member protesting outside the Hartswater magistrates court after the accussed was granted bail.

EFF LEADERS called for calm after a Hartswater farmer was granted bail of R25 000 in the Hartswater Magistrate’s Court on Monday morning.

Petrus Johannes van Niekerk, 63, is accused of driving over the deputy secretary of the EFF in Ward 5 in Hartswater, Shimmy Mosienyane, with his bakkie.

EFF members held a protest outside the court building and were up in arms over the decision to grant Van Niekerk bail, as they believe that it was not in the interest of justice to release him.

Some protesters were also calling for revenge and threats were made to “shoot the boere (farmers)”.

EFF members said that “whites get away with everything – even murder”.

“The court has failed us. We came to picket outside court to make sure the bastard remains in custody.

“The racist is allowed to make money, what about Shimmy Mosienyane who is sick in hospital? He may never walk again because he has not regained the use of his legs after he underwent spinal surgery. He is the only breadwinner and he is responsible for taking care of his wife, young children and elderly mother. He cannot work and therefore there is no income. We do not know when he will be discharged.”

A key State witness and EFF branch leader in the Phokwane district expressed his “hurt and disappointment” at the outcome of the judgment.

“The court does not care about our brother who is bedridden in hospital.”

EFF provincial leader Hilda Moremetsi stated that the party wished to lay fresh charges of racism against Van Niekerk.

“Nobody is happy about the bail. He must be locked up for the duration of the trial.”

She added that while threats were initially made to burn the farmer’s land and crops, EFF members would not resort to any destructive action.

“We are angry and hurt but we will remain disciplined. We will handle this matter at a provincial and national level. We want the commander in chief, Julius Malema, to come and see what is going on in Hartswater.”

EFF Frances Baard regional convener Goitsemodimo Halter warned members to remain disciplined, for fear of arrest.

“We do not want to cause unnecessary issues. We only want justice, as criminals are being let free. We cannot be angry because there are serious issues at hand and we must remain focussed.”

Halter stated that they would communicate the way forward with the branches, once the case was transferred to the regional court.