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Draped in snow


'Nature is beautiful, but also so cruel.'

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WHILE Europeans and Americans were boiling in summer heatwaves this week, residents in the Northern Cape were huddled inside close to their heaters to escape a cold front and snow.

Sutherland saw approximately 20cm of snow overnight on Tuesday, and the countryside was blanketed by yesterday morning.

Besides the snow, approximately 14mm of rain fell in the region. According to a farmer, Andre Jordaan, at the Rogge Cloof Private Estate in Sutherland, he is counting the cost of the recent harsh weather.

“Nature can be so beautiful, but also so cruel. We have lost game during this weather and just in front of me now I see at least three to four young springbok carcasses,” Jordaan said yesterday.

He said that he would only know the full extent of the loss today when all the snow had melted.

“I don’t mind the snow and once it has all melted it will give the rest of the game a better chance of survival. Our fields will also receive a welcome boost,”Jordaan added.

At least 20 centimetres of snow and it was “icy cold,” meteorologist Annette Venter told a national news broadcaster.

Although traffic disruption was kept to a minimum by these collective dustings, access to some roads in Sutherland was made extremely difficult.

Very slippery conditions were reported this morning on the Verlatekloofpass, Sutherland, according to a post on Storm Report SA.

At 4pm yesterday afternoon wind gusts in Sutherland were close to 80km/* and the temperature had only reached a maximum of 5 degrees Celsius.

Temperatures are expected to pick up and by Sunday the temperatures will reach a maximum of 19 degrees Celsius.

Meanwhile, temperatures in Kimberley are also set to start rising from today and by Saturday the city should reach a maximum temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.