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Donation to help protect sports turf from vandals


Local football association has installed several security measures in an attempt to secure the only venue in Galeshewe that has an artificial turf

Sol Plaatje LFA head executives from left: Mzwandile Mgoma (second deputy chairperson), George Burgess (deputy Secretary) and Seabata Makhele (LFA chairperson) are seen at the FNB artificial turf ahead of the restart of the local football league. Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE SOL Plaatje Local Football Association (LFA) has finally managed to secure the Galeshewe-based FNB artificial turf against rampant vandalism that has plagued the venue over the years. Several security measures have been installed with the help of a sponsorship.

On Thursday LFA executive members, including chairperson Seabata Makhele, deputy secretary George Burgess and second deputy president Mzwandile Mgoma, showed the DFA the security equipment donated by MVD Consulting Civil and Structural Engineers.

The donation was made possible by the intervention of officials from the Northern Cape Department of Sport, Arts and Culture, including HOD David Mdutyana and Bonakele Jacobs, who involved the private sector.

The donation will greatly assist the LFA’s attempts to secure the only venue in Galeshewe that has an artificial turf.

Security measures installed at the venue include an electronic alarm system, which was sponsored by MVD Consulting, and permanent security being paid for by the LFA. Burglar proofing was also installed at the entrances to the clubhouse, boardroom and change rooms.

Part of the sponsorship also includes the repair of a section of the perimeter palisade.

In the past, vandals removed sections of the fence and also gained entrance to the clubhouse through the ceiling. They damaged electrical fixtures, removed a sink and bathroom essentials as well as the geyser.

The LFA has on several occasions had to replace items, including stolen equipment, out of its own coffers.

“The new security measures should give us a break from the frequent acts of vandalism,” Makhele said, expressing the LFA’s gratitude towards MVD and the department for its assistance.

MVD Consulting director Dirk Potgieter said they engaged the LFA about its security concerns in order to allow sports events to continue at the venue.

“It is important that children have access to sports facilities. The lockdown has hampered that part of their development and we hope that the community will use this facility wisely as a healthy body leads to a healthy mind.”

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