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Distribution of storage tanks, water trucks on track in NC


These tanks are being delivered to all hotspot areas in the Province.

The distribution of storage tanks and water trucks to high and medium density informal areas with unreliable or no water supply in the Northern Cape, as well as the provision of soap, bleach and hand sanitizers, are on track. 

This is according to a statement issued by the Northern Cape Provincial COVID19 Command Council.

Sedibeng Water has currently delivered 227 storage tanks in Sol Plaatje, of which 67 have been installed. Sol Plaatje has been declared as one of the highest priority areas in the Province.

In Phokwane, Sedibeng Water delivered 50 storage tanks, while Rand Water has delivered 144 to date and a further 202 storage tanks are said to be in transit. 

According to the statement, these tanks are being delivered to all hotspot areas in the Province. 

“The Province requires 779 storage tanks and 84 water trucks and there is a daily increase in numbers.”

The Department of Water and Sanitation is working closely with municipalities to ensure that these tanks are filled regularly with water.

The statement pointed out that the advent of the COVID-19 has plunged the country into unchartered waters which have resulted in a steep learning curve. 

“We are continuously assessing our regulations for society to effectively respond to COVID-19. South Africans have responded to government’s call in great numbers. The majority of our community members have been playing their part to limit the spread of the virus. We are, however, concerned about those who have not yet appreciated the seriousness of this disease. The disease is very real and it poses a great danger to every one of us and to our society. Every time you violate the regulations, you are putting yourself and others at risk, and helping the virus to spread. By observing the regulations, staying at home, observing good hygiene practices and by working together, we have a real chance of containing the spread of the Coronavirus Covid-19.”

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