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DFA celebrates Mandela Day


We gave our 67 minutes to the Galeshewe Association for the Care of the Aged and Disabled.

Pictures: Danie van der Lith

IN CELEBRATION of Mandela Day, the DFA staff gave their 67 minutes to the Galeshewe Association for the Care of the Aged and Disabled (Gaasca) on Friday.

The residents at the centre were treated to a warm cup of soup, bread rolls, a doughnut and blankets.

The DFA staff was warmly welcomed by the 45 residents at the facility in Galeshewe. 

Not thinking of their frailties or being confined to a wheelchair, they broke out in joyous song and put up quite a performance for the DFA staff.

“Thank you so much for thinking of us. It is very seldom we receive visitors who bring gifts,” one of the residents said.

Another resident of Gaacsa was proud to show us one of the “houses” they share. “What is nice about this place is that we still have our independence but we have reliable staff who look after us during the week. We share a two-roomed dwelling so that there is always someone there for the other person.”

Despite their meagre possessions, these residents are a true example of making the best out of any situation.

“If it was not for us, where would you be today? We have to laugh, we have to smile otherwise how boring would that not be?”

Residents are also stimulated during the week with various activities such as sewing and bead work.

The DFA staff left with a wave and a hug from the residents while they retired in the sun to read their Friday newspaper.