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Dept visits city resorts


This follows complaints laid at the Kimberley Labour Centre.

The Department of Employment and Labour has confirmed that it conducted inspections at the Langleg and Riverton resorts on December 19, following complaints that were laid at the Kimberley Labour Centre.

Workers, who are refusing to work in what they believe are unsafe and unhygienic working conditions at the resorts, have been issued with second warning letters and will face disciplinary hearings for refusing to cash in the daily takings as well as charges of insubordination.

Holidaymakers also complained about the state of the facilities including the blocked, leaking or broken toilets.

Chief director of provincial operations at the Department of Labour, Zolile Albanie, said that the complainants had accompanied inspectors during the inspection of the facilities.

“They are aware of the outcomes of the inspection. Part of our mandate as the Department of Employment and Labour it is to enhance occupational health and safety awareness and compliance in the workplace through Occupational Health and Safety Act (1993) and to promote labour standards and fundamental rights at work through Labour Relations Act (1995) and the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (1997). We therefore urge workers to constantly report suspected or perceived acts of transgressions to our inspectors for investigation and enforcement of the said labour laws in any workplace,” Albanie stated.

He indicated that the department could not communicate the content or scope of the  inspections with third parties, due to the restrictions imposed by the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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