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Dept invites service providers to briefing on food parcels


48 000 food parcels will be distributed in the Province.

THE NORTHERN Cape Department of Social Development has invited all service providers to a briefing on Tuesday morning at 9am with regards to the almost 48 000 food parcels that will be distributed in the Province.

The meeting will take place at the Latlhi Mabilo Complex in Barkly Road in Homestead.

Department spokesperson Gamiem Abrahams said on Monday that the aim of the briefing was to give all service providers the opportunity to benefit from the procurement of the parcels.

“The premier has stated that the provincial government will distribute a total of 47 700 food parcels to poor community members who are listed on the department’s database and who normally rely on social services,” said Abrahams.

He stated that the meeting would enable the department to identify service providers that have the capacity to provide that number of parcels. 

Northern Cape Premier Zamani Saul said last week that interventions relating to the care and protection of vulnerable groups and individuals during the 21-day lockdown had been developed in the Province.

“During this period we will cater for 47 700 households with food parcels, at a cost of R38 million. Districts, together with our municipalities, working with the security officials, will support this initiative by allocating officials to each food provision point for food distribution. District management will do spot checks to ensure that arrangements are adhered to and guidelines are implemented. Food will be delivered to homes to limit movement by citizens and those delivering food will have protective gear and adhere to hygiene protocols.”

Saul added that the Department of Social Development would make available phone numbers where members of the community can call to receive information pertaining to nutrition. 

“We will ensure that food is provided to old age homes, shelters, child and youth care centres and rehabilitation centres.”

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