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Dept gives dogs, cats rabies vaccination


Besides vaccinating the animals during a two-day marathon,dogs and cats were also spayed, neutered and dewormed

File image. Picture: Reuters

A TOTAL of 135 dogs and 26 cats in Klipfontein in the Kamiesberg Municipality have been vaccinated against rabies.

The animals were vaccinated by officials from the Northern Cape Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development’s Veterinary Services.

The department’s spokesperson, Phemelo Manankong, said yesterday that during the two-day marathon vaccination campaign, 23 dogs and 11 cats were spayed while 33 dogs and nine cats were neutered. Another 115 dogs and 16 cats were dewormed.

“The campaign is part of government’s efforts to take veterinary services to various communities across the Province including far-flung areas. It also seeks to raise awareness about the impact of rabies on human and animals, especially those who were denied primary animal health services in the past.”

Manankong pointed out that rabies was a disease that people could get from animals.

“It is caused by a virus that affects the brain and also causes death in most instances. The virus is shed in saliva and is spread by the bite of an infected animal.”

According to Manankong, the success of the rabies campaign was due to the Compulsory Community Services (CCS) programme by newly qualified veterinarians and departmental officials under the leadership of Dr Lea Shuda.