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Dedicated nurse honoured


A Kimberley obstetrics nurse has been awarded this year's Nursing Excellence Award.

HONOURED: Lyden Mpolokeng, has been recognised as the annual Nursing Excellence Award recipient, in recognition of the dedication she invests into caring for her patients and supporting her colleagues.

A KIMBERLEY obstetrics nurse, Lyden Mpolokeng, who has been involved with the birth of thousands of babies through the years, has been honoured by Mediclinic Kimberley/Gariep by being awarded this year’s Nursing Excellence Award.

Mediclinic spokesperson Denise Coetzee said yesterday that the hospital believed that being a successful nurse took a special kind of person – “one who can reach in for inner strength to support a patient with a touch of kindness”.

“This year, with the celebration of International Nurses’ Day on Sunday (May 12), we take time to recognise each nurse who has chosen a career of caring. Nursing is a career dedicated to helping others recover or supporting patients and their families where recovery is not possible. The specific date is chosen as a global tribute to the profession, as this coincides with Florence Nightingale’s birthday and allows us to celebrate our nurses’ valuable work.”

Coetzee said Mediclinic Kimberley/Gariep recognised Mpolokeng as the annual Nursing Excellence Award recipient in recognition of the dedication she invests into caring for her patients and supporting her colleagues.

“The significance of this award is noted in that nominations are made by nursing peers who work tirelessly alongside each other, ensuring the best possible patient outcomes.”

Mpolokeng has been with Mediclinic Kimberley/Gariep for 24 years and works in the obstetrics ward as an enrolled nursing auxiliary.

“She was selected as Mediclinic Kimberley/Gariep’s 2019 award winner because of her dedication to patients, attention to detail and her ability to empathise with patients. She has been involved with the births of thousands of babies through the years and acts as a mentor for many first-time parents.”

Estelle Coustas, nursing executive, Mediclinic Southern Africa, added that in her 15 years at Mediclinic she had come across a number of really special nurses.

“Nurses who are there for a patient in their time of need. It takes a unique mix of dedication and courage to keep delivering excellent care when our patients are at their most vulnerable. We would like to use the Mediclinic Nursing Excellence Award as an opportunity to recognise nurses who give of themselves daily; nurses who truly believe that connecting with their patients is an essential part of who they are,” she stated.

In honour of International Nurses’ Day, the hospital group encouraged “each patient, family member or friend to take the opportunity to recognise those around you that are giving unselfishly to heal and care for others”.