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Debaters set for big stage


“I was very happy and privileged to be a part of that event. We won that competition and now get to compete in America."

From Left: Victoria Molao, Sheriekwa Carols and Caitlin Leigh Mc Leon. Picture: Danie van der Lith

THREE Homevale Primary School pupils have their eyes set on scooping the World Scholar’s Cup Tournament of Champions title when they compete in a debate competition that will be hosted at Yale University in the US on November 8.

The pupils, Victoria Molao, Sheniekwa Carols and Caitlin-Leigh McLean, were the winners of a debating competition at their school and went on to be crowned champions at a competition featuring pupils from across Africa.

One of the pupils, Sheniekwa, a 12-year-old Grade 7 pupil, said that she is very excited to have knocked out all competition along the way.

“Our first round of debate was in Kimberley. We won that round and had to travel to Durban to attend a debating competition in September. There were children from across the continent participating in that debate. They were all so smart and eloquent.

“I was very happy and privileged to be a part of that event. We won that competition and now get to compete in America. This is such a huge success and we never thought that we would get this far,” said Sheniekwa.

She added that her talkative nature makes the competitions easier.

“I’ve got a natural passion for talking about different matters. I am very inquisitive and want to be informed about everything as there is so many interesting things around us. I do not get nervous when I am on stage debating about a topic and the words just flow out of me. I am very calm when putting my point across.

“I sometimes irritate people at home as I always ask questions about different subjects. It is not that I want to be nosy, but I just have such an undying curiosity.”

Sheniekwa said that as a future career she either wants to pursue being a lawyer or a doctor.

Her uncle, Neville Klaasen, said that Sheniekwa is the “spokesperson” of the family.

“She can talk . . . but she does not just talk, but talks sense. One always has to think twice before answering her as she always asks very deep questions. She is a very smart child and has a bright future ahead of her. We are happy that she is able to travel overseas with her passion, although we are stressed about how we will be able to get them on that plane,” said Klaasen.

He added that they are waiting to hear from the Office of the Premier regarding funding for the trip.

“We have approached the Office of the Premier and they said they will get back to us.

“We need to hurry as this trip is the only thing these children are talking about. We are very proud of their achievement and are hoping to make their dreams come true,” said Klaasen.