Home News ‘Deadly’ city road claims another victim

‘Deadly’ city road claims another victim


Young woman dies in hospital after multiple-vehicle crash on notorious road.

THE ROODEPAN police are investigating a case of culpable homicide after an 18-year-old woman was fatally injured in a multiple-vehicle accident on the notorious Midlands Road on the weekend.

The accident happened at around 10.20pm on Saturday night. The woman was rushed to hospital, where she died on Sunday morning.

One other person was injured in the accident and also admitted to hospital.

It is alleged that one of the vehicles swerved to avoid an accident and collided with an on-coming vehicle.

Police spokesperson Captain Bashaobile Kale indicated that a third vehicle then crashed into the two vehicles that had collided head-on.

“Two people were injured and rushed to hospital, where the young woman died on Sunday morning,” said Kale.

Visible Policing commander Lieutenant-Colonel Tessa Jansen pleaded with motorists to drive cautiously as that specific road is bumpy.

Jansen further urged drivers to watch out for cattle and horses on the road.