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De Lille’s bold plan


De Lille’s movement is based on four key themes: spatial justice, social justice, economic justice and environmental justice

GOOD party leader, Patricia de Lille

FORMER Cape Town Mayor Patricia de Lille has unveiled a bold new plan to “Fix SA”. De Lille announced her GOOD party’s manifesto yesterday and outlined how her party plans to address crucial issues facing South Africa.

“It is the responsibility of leaders to reach out to the vast majority of people who are not racists to make their voices heard,” De Lille said.

De Lille streamed the manifesto launch on Facebook Live, she said this was her party’s way of entering a new era.

“We as GOOD are behind the call for the cost of data to be reduced so that we can connect with the people,” she said.

De Lille’s movement is based on four key themes: spatial justice, social justice, economic justice and environmental justice.

“It is time for all good people to step forward and join the leadership of GOOD in committing to act with courage – to call out privilege and to tackle racism, discrimination and poverty,” she said.

De Lille also said the party would focus specifically on cities and townships.

“Cities and towns are the drivers of change. Urban areas are the key to the future of our country. No family will be unaffected by the urbanisation trend.

“Our urban areas must provide for people already living there and be empowered to prepare for the future that is coming,” De Lille said.

She said the party is proposing to “turn government on its head” and taking power away from a central system put in place by apartheid and instead devolving functions to towns and cities.

“This will bring government and elected representatives closer to the communities they serve and empower towns and cities to build prosperous, safe and socially inclusive communities,” she said.

At the centre of De Lille’s party is spatial injustice. “GOOD people will fight for Spatial Justice, for towns and cities where public Land is used for public good so that redress & restitution are accelerated and where people lives matter,” she said yesterday.

The issue of spatial justice surfaced after former mayoral committee member for transport and urban development Brett Herron resigned and he accused the DA of deliberately blocking social housing projects in the CBD.

“We fought a valiant fight to address spatial justice, we have put this matter at the centre of our manifesto and the lessons learnt in the City of Cape Town are lessons we have taken with us to the movement,” Herron said.

De Lille said will be announcing the leadership of the party later this week.