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DA doubtful over ’solution’ for flooded R31


The DA is sceptical that the city-wide water shutdown over the weekend will resolve the flooding of the R31.

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THE DA is sceptical that the city-wide water shutdown over the weekend will resolve the flooding of the R31.

DA councillor Heinrich Pieterse called for the “required expertise” to find the root cause of the problem.

“Despite delays since 2004 to investigate the causes of the R31 lake, it is also doubtful as to how thoroughly Sol Plaatje Municipality actually investigated the causes and planned remedial action before this weekend’s shutdown for repair work on major pipelines,” said Pieterse.

“This is worrying. A large portion of municipal funding was spent on the weekend’s shutdown. Whether sufficient funding is available to now go on a fact-finding mission to try determine the cause of the R31 flooding, and to institute further major repairs, is questionable.”

He pointed out that the lack of maintenance of the water and sanitation infrastructure was exacerbating the problem.

“The sediment-caked clarifiers at the Riverton water purification plant are a case in point, as was the dirty ‘purified’ water in the dams. The exact same situation occurred last year. The clarifiers were once again found in an unacceptable condition, which cannot be put down to the flooding alone,” said Pieterse.

“Given that the weekend’s repairs have cost Sol Plaatje a significant amount of money, the concern now is whether there is in fact any additional money available to fully resolve the flooding of the R31.”

Pieterse added that the DA had requested an urgent meeting so that councillors could be given detailed technical infrastructure reports relating to water and sewage leaks.

“It is time that we are transparently informed of all problems, plans, funding and costs in order to be able to hold Sol Plaatje accountable for failing to manage Kimberley’s water and sewerage network.”

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