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DA celebrates ‘victory’


The “victory” was as a result of the community and various political parties working together for a common goal.

Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE DA yesterday celebrated the court order instructing Sol Plaatje executive mayor Mangaliso Matika to vacate his office for the next three weeks.

DA provincial leader Andrew Louw stated that the “victory” was as a result of the community and various political parties working together for a common goal.

“Council needs to put the people first and should have adhered to their call to remove Matika in the first place. It is time for him to return the Audi bought with the people’s money, to bring back the keys to the mayoral office and to hand over the mayoral chain so that the process of rebuilding the municipality can begin.

“It is truly tragic that the situation has deteriorated this far and that protests in Kimberley have kept children from school, residents from receiving much-needed government services and businesses from being able to operate. Aside from the massive loss of income that businesses have suffered, the vandalism and damage to infrastructure is a blow that the city will struggle to recover from.”

Louw pointed out that residents did not have to be at the mercy of poor service delivery, the abuse of power by elected officials or the maladministration of public funds.

Meanwhile, four people were yesterday arrested on charges of public violence.

A woman claimed that she was kicked in the chest by a police officer during her arrest.

Police spokesperson, Colonel Mashay Gamieldien, stated that three men and one woman were arrested at the Galeshewe circle yesterday at around 9.45am after they became riotous while the police were busy engaging with the community.

“The suspects were charged for public violence and the police are currently negotiating with their legal representatives,” said Gamieldien.

She advised anyone with complaints against police members to report these incidencts for investigation.