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Culpable homicide accused abandons bail


A Kimberley man, who is facing two charges of culpable homicide involving two teenagers, opted to abandon his bail in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court on Thursday.

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A KIMBERLEY man, who is facing two charges of culpable homicide involving two teenagers, opted to abandon his bail in the Kimberley Magistrate’s Court yesterday.

Collin Nhlangais, 39, is facing two charges of culpable homicide, driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, reckless and negligent driving and contravention of the Immigration Act following an incident that occurred on Sunday, July 30, 2024, where he allegedly fatally hit 16-year-old Omphile Jonas on the corner of Seleleke and Barkly West streets.

He allegedly sped away from the scene and crashed into a taxi that was transporting members of the Patriotic Alliance (PA) further down the road.

Mikayla Booysen, 19, who was one of the occupants in the taxi, later died in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) following the incident. Another member of the PA is apparently still in the ICU.

All the occupants in the taxi had to be rushed to hospital for medical assistance following the incident, with some being discharged from hospital earlier this week.

Members of the PA and community members packed the court gallery during the appearance of the accused.

Jonas’s mother, Omphemese Jonas, said she had high hopes for her son who was a rising cricket player.

“Omphile loved playing cricket from a young age. We did not mind making some sacrifices in order for him to pursue the sport. We were filled with such pride when he was part of the team to represent the Northern Cape earlier this year. He was such a helpful child, not just to us and to his siblings, but also to the greater community.

“As a parent, one can see when your child has the potential to be a great success, and I could see from an early stage that my son had it within him to make a great success of his life. I was excited to see him grow up and had great dreams of one day seeing him reach, or even go beyond the target I had in my mind for him. It is heartbreaking that my dreams will remain just dreams,” Jonas said.

She added that her son had a vision for his life and was steadfast in not focusing on the problems.

“Omphie told me that he found a job selling oranges during the school holidays. I could see that he wanted to earn some money for himself. He even did that with diligence,” she said.

“I was at home when Omphile’s friend, accompanied by an older man, came to tell me that my son had been hit by a vehicle. Before we left the house, they told me to bring a blanket along. I did not think much of it at the time as I was under the impression that they wanted me to take a blanket in case we would be spending the night at the hospital.

“When we got closer to the accident scene, I could see Omphile lying on the ground.” She collapsed as they got closer and realised that her son was dead.

“It was a horrible sight. It is painful, as a parent, to see your child in such a state. We are broken by this,” she said.

Angry community members called on the law to show no mercy to the accused.

“This man failed to stop and assist the young boy. We cannot imagine what the two families and loved ones of these two teenagers are going through. It is unimaginable that someone would be involved in a horrific accident, which involved another person, and then end up hurting more people after trying to escape from taking responsibility,” they said.

The case was postponed to August.

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