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CPFs, structures want AGMs postponed


This they say is in line with lockdown regulations.

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MEMBERS of the Community Police Forums (CPFs) along with the Youth Against Crime and Women Against Crime structures in the Northern Cape want to obtain an interdict to prevent them from holding their annual general meetings (AGM), as a result of the national lockdown.

Members pointed out that according to the lockdown regulations all mass gatherings were prohibited.

“We cannot be expected to arrange an AGM in the midst of the second wave of Covid-19. The term of the existing structures should be extended until the restrictions are relaxed. We cannot risk spreading the disease at this stage of the pandemic.”

Some members believed that there were “ulterior motives” to remove and replace the current CPF structures.

“We will not allow this to happen because CPF structures must be elected by the branches, clusters, districts and stations. They cannot randomly be selected without voting taking place according to the procedures.”

A letter addressed from the office of the cluster commander in the Frances Baard district indicated that the term of office of stations and CPF clusters had come to an end and that new executive forums had to be elected.

District offices were instructed to ensure that all CPF and CPF structures were established and operating and functioning according to the directives in relation to the CPF.

“The aim is that stations must do their AGMs first before the end of February and then the cluster must follow. The same applies to the Youth Against Crime and Women Against Crime.

“The stations must communicate to the district the dates of when the AGMs will be held for the attendance of the cluster and board members as well as the attendance of the provincial deployee to ensure compliance with the processes.”

It was informed that all AGM dates had to be submitted by January 29.

Provincial chairperson of the CPF Epraim Homan on Monday pointed out that they had not been consulted about the AGMs.

“I will meet with the acting provincial commissioner because the instructions are coming from the cluster commander. There has been no communication regarding convening AGM’s with the provincial and national office. We have not been involved and have not discussed the letters that were circulated. The problem at this stage is that the dates set, make it impossible for AGMs to be held by the set deadline while simultaneously observing the Covid-19 regulations.”

He added that they would not be complying with the letters until they had received confirmation from the provincial and national offices.

“We do not want to run around doing unnecessary things. The election of CPF structures must first happen at local then station level, followed by sector and cluster participation. It cannot happen willy nilly.”

The police referred enquiries to the CPF.

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