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Covid-19 tenders list released


The biggest expenditure was by the provincial Department of Health, which spent just over R53 million.

PROVINCIAL government departments in the Northern Cape have spent more than R171 million on procuring Covid-19-related items.

According to the Covid-19 Procurement Report issued on Thursday by the provincial Treasury, all 12 provincial departments have procured Covid-19 related items to a total value of R171 592 million as at July 31.

This includes personal protective equipment (PPEs) of R87 million, social relief grants at R36.5 million (provided by the Department of Social Development), disinfection of public buildings at a cost of R38.9 million, and infrastructure works and repairs at a cost of R9 million (done by the Department of Roads and Public Works).

The R87 million spent on PPEs includes all PPE goods and services procured by each department as well as associated costs.

The biggest expenditure was by the provincial Department of Health, which spent just over R53 million.

The highest Covid-19 expenditure was on medical supplies (R44.97 million), mainly comprising of PPE such as gloves, masks, respirators, visors, boot covers and thermometers.

The Department of Health spent R28.4 million on protective clothing and R23.5 million on medical supplies.

Education spent R18 million on medical supplies, R4.27 million on wash and clean detergents and R1.4 million on toiletries.

“In these transactions the Province made an endeavour to procure locally which culminated to utilisation of 144 (82 percent) Northern Cape-based suppliers amounting to R56.45 million. A total of R14.96 million went to companies in the Eastern Cape and R10.74 million was spent on companies based in the North West.

The top twenty suppliers out of 175 in terms of monetary value, from which PPEs were procured since the start of the pandemic until 31 July 31, were:

1 Macronym 37 Northern Cape R26,960,025.00

2 Asijiki Soundbytes Eastern Cape R14,962,100.00

3 C Med Supplies North West R8,070,984.00

4 Revolt Headboy Northern Cape R2,947,200.00

5 Inhlamvu Projects And Services Northern Cape R1,260,000.00

6 Namolo General Trading Northern Cape R1,148,852.00

7 Big Vern Trading Northern Cape R1,119,574.00

8 Dns Supplies Gauteng R1,043,719.00

9 Thatabetswe Trading&Invest Northern Cape R911,515.00

10 Diskonto Trading Northern Cape R857,634.10

11 Isjx General Contractors And Trading Northern Cape R815,900.00

12 King Of Emperors Northern Cape R750,000.00

13 Tema Investments (Pty) Ltd Northern Cape R748,981.00

14 Amadwala Trading North West R720,000.00

15 Baikanyegi Trading Northern Cape R717,485.00

16 Shireway Projects Northern Cape R714,000.00

18 Zahoek Trading Northern Cape R690,000.00

19 South Hill Trading North West R686,550.00

20 Lapa Laka Traders Northern Cape R660,000.00

“Since the Covid-19 outbreak in March 2020, the provincial departments spent R15.2 million (17 percent) on youth-owned companies, R19.343 million (22 percent) on women-owned companies and R82.39 million (94 percent) on EME-owned companies. Overall R86.69 million (99 percent) was spent on black-owned companies,” the report stated further.

According to a report on the National Treasury’s website, besides the R87 million spent by Northern Cape government departments, a further R36.5 million was spent in the Province by Social Development on the social relief programme, while R38.9 million was spent on disinfecting public buildings and premises, R9 million on infrastructure and R75 million on the appointment of additional personnel.

The biggest contract for disinfecting buildings was ISJX General Trading which received a contract worth R8.24 million, followed by JH Pest Control for R4.49 million.

The full list of suppliers who benefited from contracts for the disinfection of buildings are:

Isjx General Trading Northern Cape R8,243,035.23

Jh Pest Control Northern Cape R4,490,433.32

Mohina Solutions Northern Cape R4,117,517.00

Silver Stream Not Csd Registered R3,442,102.71

Masedi Star Gauteng R3,334,501.52

Best Enough Trading & Projects 287 Cc Northern Cape R2,859,475.00

Best Enough Not Csd Registered R2,080,676.00

Otp Logistics Northern Cape R1,879,077.49

Unico Not Csd Registered R1,270,651.12

Kingsley Pest Control Northern Cape R1,243,851.84

Wotex Investments Northern Cape R627,875.00

Vvukolwam Enterprise Northern Cape R274,290.00

Vakunda Trust Northern Cape R263,760.55

True Build Services Kwazulu Natal R178,250.00

Kleenfresh (Pty) Ltd Gauteng R142,975.00

Lerwane Pest Control Not Csd Registered R142,212.32

Kemoagile Contract And Project Management Not Csd Registered R100,000.00

Pelonthle General Trading Not Csd Registered R95,280.00

Silver Stream Industries Northern Cape R75,791.95

Noku General Trading Northern Cape R65,190.00

Kemoagile Construction Northern Cape R51,000.00

Meanwhile, R9 million was spent on infrastructure and repairs, including minor repairs at the West End Hospital for R2.5 million. The contract for this work went to Best Enough Trading.

A total of R1.135 million was spent on minor repairs at the Postmasburg Hospital (undertaken by Dubu Construction), while R1.35 million was spent on the old Gordonia Hospital, which was undertaken by Lemondraai Bouers.

The biggest beneficiary here was Best Enough Trading, which received contracts worth R2.53 million, followed by Lemondraai Bouers, which received contracts worth R1.57 million. Neither of these companies are CSD registered.

The list of suppliers for infrastructure and repairs was:

Best Enough Trading Not Csd Registered R2,533,723.00

Lemondraai Bouers Not Csd Registered R1,572,126.00

Dubu Construction Northern Cape R1,135,852.00

C Squared Trading Northern Cape R983,169.00

Moke Construction Northern Cape R448,146.00

Entsha Construction Northern Cape R418,392.00

Katkay Trading Northern Cape R397,728.00

Mogobeng Consulting Northern Cape R373,570.00

Mabcor Facility Solutions Eastern Cape R329,708.00

Moloi Group Free State R205,190.00

Geneval General Trading Northern Cape R201,458.00

Xcellent Construction Northern Cape R167,917.00

Hal Civils Northern Cape R129,065.00

Madibuseng General Trading Northern Cape R116,080.00

Around 250 suppliers benefited from the contracts for food parcels.The biggest contract went to A to Z Distribution, which received contracts worth R450 000.

Khula Motors got contracts worth R390 000, while three contractors received orders amounting to R360 000 each – Ideal Trading, Kabophelo Trading and TFNP Trading.

Contracts for food parcels worth more than R180 000 went to:

A To Z Distribution R450,000.00

Khula Motors R390,000.00

Ideal Trading R360,000.00

Kabophelo Trading R360,000.00

Tfnp R360,000.00

Am Catering & Transport R300,000.00

Gamsha Projects R300,000.00

L2g Services R300,000.00

Bonang & Sonti R296,200.00

Ingomso Youth General Trading R293,800.00

Promethian Lodge R270,000.00

Sa Malie Gen R270,000.00

San’s Services R270,000.00

Vuwani Enterprize R270,000.00

Ivandur Trading & Enterprise R260,000.00

Eedm Connection Enterprise R240,000.00

Ic Catering R236,000.00

Naybro Cash Store R210,000.00

Sastas Trading R190,000.00

Bhuli Trading R188,450.00

The appointment of additional personnel cost a total of R75 million. This included the “abnormal appointment” of 2 110 people at a cost of R5.3 million, and the “contract appointment of 682 people at a cost of R69.9 million.