Home News Covid-19 cases force city clinic to temporarily close doors

Covid-19 cases force city clinic to temporarily close doors


The MaDoyle clinic has been closed for decontamination purposes, while it has been reported that the Bankara/Bodulong clinic in Kuruman is still open after two professional nurses tested positive for Covid-19.

The MaDoyle Clinic in Galeshewe. Picture: Soraya Crowie

THE MADOYLE clinic in Galeshewe has been temporarily closed for decontamination purposes.

According to Nehawu, three positive Covid-19 cases were reported at the clinic on Tuesday. 

Nehawu branch chairperson, Godfrey Davids, said the union had intervened with clinic management as the facility was still operating on Tuesday.

“Nehawu, the PSA, Denosa and Hospersa assessed the situation after three nurses tested positive. Nurses are contracting the virus at the workplace and one of the nurses is currently in hospital.” 

He added that the employer agreed that the Covid-19 regulations would be adhered to, all affected persons should be placed in quarantine and the clinic would be disinfected.

“We applaud management for taking the necessary measures to follow the safety regulations and prioritising the health of staff and patients.” 

Davids stated that staff who were not in close contact with the Covid-19 patients were expected to return to duty on Friday. 

Meanwhile the provincial organiser of the Salipswu, Thapelo Thole, indicated that the Bankara/Bodulong clinic in the Ga-Segonyana Municipality near Kuruman was still open after a nurse and a caregiver tested positive for Covid-19. 

“Workers are not protected and while the MaDoyle clinic in Galeshewe was closed after three professional nurses tested positive for Covid-19, the Bankara/Bodulong clinic is open for business as usual.

“Community care workers are charged or payment is withheld if they refuse to work.”

Caregivers indicated that the Bankara/Bodulong clinic was never decontaminated and that they were expected to wear one disposable mask for three days. 

Spokesperson for the Department of Health, Lulu Mxekezo, on Wednesday requested patients who usually frequented the MaDoyle clinic to visit the Mapule Matsepane clinic while decontamination was underway.

“So far the Province has recorded 3 997 positive cases with 1 244 recoveries and 29 deaths since the pandemic started. 

“The condition has no specific antiviral treatment yet, except to treat the symptoms of flu, which include fever, cough and difficulty breathing.” 

She did not respond to enquiries relating to the Bankara/Bodulong clinic.