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Councillors’ salary increases backdated


Their pay hikes will be backdated to July 2018.

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COUNCILLORS across the country’s 257 municipalities are in line to get salary increases that will be backdated to July 2018.

This comes after Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Zweli Mkhize determined the upper limits of the salaries, allowances and benefits of all categories of councillors.

In a notice contained in the Government Gazette published on December 21, Mkhize said he made the determination after consultation with MECs responsible for local government in each province.

The notice states that councils should obtain concurrence from the MEC for local government prior to implementation of the provisions of the notice.

The notice shows that full-time councillors serving as mayors in metro municipalities will pocket a R1 350 250 annual remuneration package, speakers and deputy mayors R1 090 488, members of the executive committee, whip or chairperson of a sub-council R1 027 223.

Councillors elected to a district municipality will be entitled to a sitting allowance amounting to R1 020 regardless of district council or committee meetings on a specific day.

Meanwhile, those councillors serving on a structure of South African Local Government Association will be entitled to the same allowance.

All councillors will be paid a cellphone allowance not exceeding R3 400 a month.

This is in addition to the total remuneration package for all councillors.

As if that is not enough, all councillors will be paid an allowance for use of data not exceeding R300 a month.

This too is on top of their salary packages.

The notice also states that a municipality must take risk insurance cover for loss or damage to a councillor’s property and assets as well as life and disability cover for any loss or damage caused by riot, civil unrest, strike or public disorder.

According to the notice, a municipality may provide “tools of trade” – resources to councillors to discharge their duties most efficiently and effectively in the form of office space, business cards, letter cards and diaries, among others.

All councillors may also be allocated a laptop or tablet while those that are visually impaired could get a braille reader.

Full-time mayors may be allocated official accommodation, fittings and furniture.