Home News Cops hunt for suspects after two Galeshewe boys raped

Cops hunt for suspects after two Galeshewe boys raped


Nine-year-old boys lured from park and raped at the dilapidated RC Elliot Hall, which has become a haven for criminals

The RC Elliot Hall in Galeshewe where two boys were recently raped. Picture: Danie van der Lith

THE GALESHEWE Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) unit is hunting for two suspects after two nine-year-old boys were recently raped at the dilapidated RC Elliot Hall in Galeshewe.

It is believed that the boys, who are friends, were lured away from the nearby Bambanani Community Park, where they were playing, by the two suspects.

The two suspects apparently frequent the park and the hall and the police have urged city parents to remain vigilant in regards to the whereabouts of their children following the recent incident.

“It is alleged that the two nine year olds were playing at the park when they were lured to the hall by the two suspects and raped,” said police spokesperson Bashoabile Kale.

Kale added that no arrests have been made yet.

The ward 7 councillor, John Diphahe, said that the dilapidated RC Elliot Hall had become a hiding place for criminals.

He added that he had called for the hall to be renovated on several occasions after it was destroyed by fire in 2018.

“Did this (the rapes) have to happen first before action was taken to fix this hall?” asked Diphahe.

The local community has also raised concerns about the hall. Several robberies and attempted rapes have been linked to criminals who have used the hall as a “hide out”.

Diphahe and several community volunteers embarked on a clean-up campaign at the hall in January this year. Overgrown bushes and trees were cut down and the hall was cleaned out.

The area has since become overgrown again.

Diphahe called on parents to work with the police to protect their children. “The police and government can’t win this battle of safety in society alone,” he said.

The Galeshewe station commander, Brigadier Belinda Rikhotso, urged anyone with information regarding the rape incidents to contact Detective Constable Ouma Mamapula at the Galeshewe Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences unit on on 082 495 4605.

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