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Controversy surrounds payment for security services at NC special school


Controversy surrounds a payment amounting to almost R44,500 for security services at Learamele Special School in Mothibistad, Kuruman.

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CONTROVERSY surrounds a processed security tender payment amounting to almost R44,500 at Learamele Special School in Mothibistad, Kuruman, that was reportedly made by certain members of the school governing body in January.

Allegedly, the payment, which was supposed to be made to Skayzee 10 (Pty) Ltd for security services, was fraudulently approved to an individual instead.

The school appointed the contractor in December 2022 to provide security services during the school holiday break.

The director of the company said this was the first time that they provided this type of service to the school.

He explained that the supervisor’s duties included monitoring guards during the shifts and when they changed shifts.

The frustrated director said that following the payment debacle he has been sent from pillar to post and there seems to be no progress in rectifying the matter.

He pointed out that everything went well while he was providing the service, up until the payment was to be made.

He said he was puzzled to later learn that the payment was processed to his supervisor.

“So when given an invoice to submit on behalf of the company as part of his job, my supervisor forged it into a handwritten one, without a company letterhead.

“Apparently that was part of his deal with the SGB chairperson,” claimed the director.

He produced a letter he received from the school in July 2023, which confirmed that a requisition for security services was received by the school, and had already been paid.

In the letter, the deputy principal of the school explained that the school received a requisition, which was not from the original company’s letterhead.

According to the letter, the deputy principal immediately advised against the payment of the invoice upon learning about it.

“I advised for the payment to be put on hold until the original documents were submitted. We agreed as a collective for the payment not to be processed on that particular day. But, unfortunately, it was processed without my consent,” read the letter.

Even though he never received the money, the company director said that he had managed to pay his guards. However, he lost two contracts because he couldn’t afford to supply the services.

“The principal and some SGB members wanted to make my payment but the chairperson and the secretary are resistant to paying because they have to account for the payment.

“The directors from the provincial Department of Education came to give an instruction for my payment to be made, but only verbally. The school needs something in writing to process my payment.”

The Northern Cape Department of Education said it is investigating the matter between Learamele Special School and a contractor for security services.

Department spokesperson Geoffery van der Merwe confirmed that the school appointed a contractor in December 2022 to provide security services during the school holidays.

“According to our information, the main contractor appointed a subcontractor to provide the services required. The subcontractor submitted an invoice to the school, after the work was completed, and the school then processed a payment to the subcontractor instead of the main contractor,” said Van der Merwe.

“The department has intervened on numerous occasions, without any success.

“We are now awaiting legal advice in order to finalise the matter.”

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