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Contractor to cover funeral of man who drowned in trench

A man died after falling into a trench that had been dug for the installation of a sanitation pipeline in Ivory Park. Picture: Soraya Crowie

A city man drowned after he fell into a water-filled trench in Ivory Park on Sunday night.

THE CONTRACTOR who is installing sewerage and water pipes in Ivory Park will cover the costs of the funeral of Frans Bosman, 45, who slipped into a water-filled trench and drowned on Sunday, October 10.

Residents said they felt helpless as they were unable to assist Bosman when he fell in just before midnight as the ditch that was dug last week was too deep and the area was not lit.

The Roodepan police opened an inquest into the death, where it was stated that the deceased was walking home with his girlfriend at around at 11.30pm.

The police search and rescue team retrieved the body from the ditch at around 2.30am.

Roodepan resident David Kok said that Bosman’s girlfriend was expecting a baby.

“They stay a few streets away from where he fell into the ditch. Bosman was planning on getting married in December. Now his child will have to grow up without a father. He has another biological child who is staying with his mother in Campbell,” said Kok.

“He was the only breadwinner, where he worked as a security employee in town. His family believes that they should be compensated for the loss of future income. He was taking care of five children and raised them as if they were his own when he was with his previous girlfriend. They were together for 13 years.”

Kok added that the community wanted all excavations to be immediately closed and stringent safety measures put in place until all construction work was completed.

Residents said that a barrier curtain was only erected around the trench after Bosman’s death.

The contractor on site, Mofomo Construction, indicated that they would cover the costs of the funeral.

“We are waiting for three quotes and will decide upon the best option. The main contractor from the Barzani Group will also contribute towards the burial,” the contractor said.

Mofomo Construction stated that they were busy installing sewerage and water pipes for 1,175 houses in Ivory Park.

“The project is expected to continue until February next year. We have temporarily vacated the site, to allow the Department of Labour to complete their investigations. Further compensation to the bereaved family will be determined by the outcome of the police investigations. We will offer our full co-operation.”

The contractor stated that all safety precautions were in place on the site.

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