Home News Congratulatory messages pour in for new NC DA leader McGluwa

Congratulatory messages pour in for new NC DA leader McGluwa


Tributes also paid to the party’s outgoing provincial leader, Andrew Louw

New DA provincial leader Harold McGluwa. File picture

MESSAGES of congratulations have streamed in for the newly elected provincial leader of the DA in the Northern Cape, Harold McGluwa.

McGluwa was elected at the DA’s virtual provincial conference that took place on Saturday.

He will take over from Andrew Louw, who had been the DA’s provincial leader for more than a decade.

The Premier of the Northern Cape, Dr Zamani Saul, said on social media that he was looking forward to working with McGluwa.

“I want to congratulate the newly elected provincial leader of the DA, Harold McGluwa. A very seasoned politician. I am looking forward to working with you and your team in building a modern, growing and successful Province,” said Saul.

The premier also paid tribute to the DA’s former provincial leader.

“I want to pay my respects to the former provincial leader, Andrew Louw, for his support of the 6th Administration and allowing a smooth leadership transition in his party. This is called leadership and God’s richest blessings for your future endeavours,” he said.

The Northern Cape Provincial Legislature also congratulated McGluwa.

“The Speaker, Honourable Newrene Klaaste, together with all Members of the Legislature, congratulates the newly elected leader of the Democratic Alliance in the Northern Cape, Honourable Harold McGluwa. Through diligence and commitment, both the incoming and outgoing leaders of the DA have demonstrated true leadership as Members of the Legislature,” said Klaaste.

She also wished Louw well in his future endeavours.

“Honourable Louw, we thank you for your robustness and firmness demonstrated when executing the constitutional mandate of the legislature, that of lawmaking, oversight, and active public participation. We wish you well in your future endeavours; your commitment remains written in the books of our legislature, said Klaaste.

The DA also thanked Louw for his contribution to the party.

“Thank you to the outgoing provincial leader, Andrew Louw. Your hard work towards growing the DA in the Northern Cape has helped establish a solid foundation. We look forward to building on that foundation with you, in your new role, in the future so that we can keep delivering the change that only the DA can bring,” the party said.

McGluwa said that he will build on the foundation laid by Louw.

“Andrew Louw had the political will to ensure that there is change. He was a great and respected leader. He laid the foundation in order for us to do the work,” said McGluwa.

He vowed to fight for the inclusion of smaller towns in the decision making of the provincial government.

“There are municipalities the DA wants to win. There are also several small towns in the Province that are failing major challenges with basic service delivery. We want to focus on those towns in order for them to be included in the plans of the Province.

“There are challenges with water, sanitation and the roads in the Province. As a party we need to gain control of the municipalities in those towns so that we can address those problems as well as raise the standards of the towns.

“We need to turn service around by fighting and rooting out corruption. We need to build the trust of the party with the people in this Province,” said McGluwa.