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Community accuses police of ’getting away with murder’ after fatal shooting


Community members of Bobo se Plaas in Kimberley have questioned whether any action is being taken against a police officer who shot and killed a man in the area about two weeks ago.

Police at the scene where 35-year-old Benjamin Sampie was shot and killed. Picture: Soraya Crowie

COMMUNITY members in Bobo se Plaas in Kimberley have accused the police of “getting away with murder”.

This after the community enquired about whether any action was being taken against a police officer who shot and killed a man in the area about two weeks ago.

Benjamin Sampie, 35, died after a police officer apparently shot him in the neck at close range on September 2.

The incident occurred after the police were called to intervene in a domestic dispute between the deceased and his wife, Yolanda Kuyane.

Angry community members on Tuesday called for “accountability and said that it appears as if the law “favours those in uniform”.

“The deceased was killed in the presence of his children and some community members saw how the police officer just shot him. Since the incident, there have been no reports on whether there has been any action taken against the police officer. It appears that the police member is still continuing to work, while the family is left to suffer. Somebody needs to answer and take accountability,” the community members said.

Others claimed that there have been several instances where police members have “walked away free” after being accused of a crime.

“Police members know that there will not be action taken against them when they break the law. We have heard of many unsolved cases involving police officers that were just swept under the carpet.

“If it was any other person who shot and killed someone then that person would have been charged and appeared in court already. In this matter, it seems like this police officer will also be walking free and people will forget. However, the family of the deceased and this community will never forget that tragic day.”

The police said the matter has been referred to the Independent Police Investigative Directorate (Ipid).

The national spokesperson of Ipid, Grace Langa, said at the time of the incident that they were investigating a case of murder.

“On September 2, 2021, at about 10.39am, Ipid received a notification of a death as result of police action. Upon arrival, the member who shot the deceased was on the scene. Ipid then took over the scene,” said Langa.

“According to information, it is alleged that the deceased chased the officers with a knife. The deceased was a 35-year-old man. The officer shot the deceased in the neck and the deceased died on the scene. The officer was on duty during the incident.

“No arrest has been effected and Ipid is still investigating the matter.”

Northern Cape police spokesperson Colonel Mashay Gamieldien said on Tuesday that an internal investigation has also been launched.

“We can confirm that an internal investigation has been launched into the matter and Ipid is investigating the shooting,” Gamieldien said.

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