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City’s first dagga shop to open doors


The shop is part of the CanaPax group, which has more than 70 CanaPax outlets already operating throughout South Africa

KIMBERLEY’S first cannabis shop and medical dispensary will be opening its doors for business in the City today.

Staff members of the CanaPax Kimberley shop, exclusively offering TCH and CBD products, including cannabis buds for smoking, were yesterday putting finishing touches to display cabinets.

Products offered include soaps, ointments, oils and even dagga-infused coffee and cookies (edibles). Several strains of organic, indoor and outdoor grown medicinal cannabis, meant for smoking, will also be available.

The shop is part of the CanaPax group, which has more than 70 CanaPax outlets already operating throughout South Africa.

CanaPax owner Nicolene Goosen told the DFA yesterday that the aim of the shop is to dispel myths and restore the image around dagga, while giving patients easier access to cannabis products.

“I would like to present cannabis products as a legitimate alternative to conventional medicine for a wide variety of ailments, like stress, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, skin conditions and as pain relief, to name a few,” Goosen said.

She added that her own positive experience with using cannabis for pain relief had driven her decision to become a CanaPax franchisee.

Goosen said that persons wanting to purchase cured cannabis buds would be required to apply for a patient card at the shop, and would then be advised by staff members and prescribed the best strain for their specific problem.

All products are obtained through the CanaPax head office, ensuring consistent quality and THC and CBD levels.

Goosen said that she had to obtain permission and permits from both the SAPS and the Northern Cape Liquor Board to be able to sell certain products (like cured buds and edibles) and that the sale of these products were subject to specific restrictions, similar to the selling of cigarettes, that for instance prohibit advertising.

Goosen also indicated that she and other staff members received training through CanaPax and that the business operated under the Traditional Healers Act.

In conclusion, Goosen said that there was a definite need and gap in the market for a cannabis-specific shop in Kimberley and that she was hoping to “grow” from strength to strength, with even plans for a coffee shop and smoking room on the horizon.

CanaPax Kimberley is situated at 5 Rush Street in Albertynshof and is set to open its doors at 10am today.

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