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City residents start their own neighbourhood watch

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A NEIGHBOURHOOD watch that was established in ward five by community members who are tired of falling victim to various crimes, embarked on a drug eradication campaign this week where a number of drugs were confiscated from drug dens and handed over to the police.

The group of community members stated that the neighbourhood was frequently targeted in housebreaking; robbery, illicit sale of drugs, theft and gender-based violence incidents that have escalated since the start of the lockdown.

They stated that the aim of the neighbourhood watch was to encourage good relations among residents and to serve as a “watchdog for our community by conducting patrols and promptly notifying the police of criminal activity”.

“We want people to feel less afraid, vulnerable and isolated in their homes. Our aim is to keep the community safe by working hand in glove with the law enforcement agencies in ensuring that our streets are crime-free and our children and women are safe.

“Midnight patrols are done regularly because that’s when most robberies happen. Most of the programmes we undertake are successful.”

However they expressed concern that suspects who are apprehended for repeat criminal offences including the possession of drugs are released from custody.

“We urge community members to join the neighbourhood watch so that we can ensure better safety and prevent crimes.”