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City residents protest over flooded homes


Club 2000 residents have vowed to continue their protest until they receive assistance.

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CLUB 2000 residents barricaded Nobengula Street on Wednesday with burning tyres, stones and tree trunks to demonstrate their frustration with the continuous flooding of their homes as a result of the broken canal in the area.

Angry residents said they have brought the matter of the canal to the attention of the Sol Plaatje Mayor, Patrick Mabilo, on several occasions. According to the residents he made numerous promises to attend to the matter.

They said they are sick and tired of their houses being flooded when it rains.

“It is frustrating to live under these conditions because everytime it rains we know our homes will get flooded. Our homes look like swimming pools everytime it rains,” they said.

“The mayor was in the area two weeks ago. We again told him about this problem. He again promised that the matter would be dealt with, but nothing has been done since. At the time we asked him for sand in order to curb the flooding but he did not even deliver that. We cannot continue to live like this while he is cosy and warm inside his house,” they said.

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Residents said they are willing to continue with the protest.

“We do not mind staying up all night since we are not able to sleep inside our homes in any case. Our beds and everything else inside our homes are soaking wet. We might as well stay in the streets in the rain. If the rain continues for the rest of the week, we will continue to barricade the road. Nobody will drive in or out of this area. Motorists and those using public transport will have to make alternative plans,” they said.

Sol Plaatje municipal spokesperson, Sello Matsie, said the municipality was attending to several areas in and around the city which experienced flooding.

“All areas that experienced flooding are being monitored by our emergency services and people in distress can alert the municipality or police for assistance. There are houses in Club 2000 which the municipality will be attending to due to flooding. Motorists are advised to drive with caution and not attempt to cross sub-ways that might be closed,” said Matsie.

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