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City resident invites premier to “toxic” supper


Dinner is being served with an extra helping of “toxic fumes”.

File image. Picture: Danie van der Lith

DINNER served with toxic fumes – this is what is on the menu after a Homevale resident invited the Northern Cape Premier, Dr Zamani Saul, for supper to experience first hand the toxic smoke hanging over the area.

A petition is meanwhile also being distributed among residents who are at the end of their tether over the burning sludge at the Homevale Wastewater Treatment Plant that is producing toxic fumes.

Residents in Roodepan, West End, Homelite, Colville, Homevale and down Barkly Road are among those affected by the toxic clouds of smoke.

A Homevale resident, Moogmat Amien, said on Tuesday that he intended opening attempted murder charges against Sol Plaatje Municipality.

“The burning waste is producing toxic methane gas that is being released into the air. It is aggravating the conditions of people who suffer from asthma, sinus and bronchitis, while exposure to this gas can prove to be detrimental to our health and even fatal. We will hand in the petition with all the signatures once the docket has been opened,” said Amien.

He added that he would be inviting the premier to his home for supper on Tuesday night so that he can experience in person the health hazards that residents are exposed to.

“This problem has been going on for the past two months. In the last two weeks it has intensified to an unbearable state. In the beginning the smell was worse in the evenings but it now hangs in the air both day and night.

“We have made numerous requests to the Sol Plaatje Municipality and the Premier’s Office to intervene.”

The Office of the Premier did not respond to media enquiries as to whether the premier would accept the supper invitation or if his office would intervene.

Sol Plaatje Municipality meanwhile said on Monday that it would make use of machinery to douse the smoking sewage effluent at the Homevale Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Spokesperson for the Office of the Premier Bronwyn Thomas-Abrahams said the Premier had consulted with the office of the mayor at Sol Plaatje Municipality regarding the situation at the Homevale Wastewater Treatment Plant.

“He has been given the assurance that the matter is being attended to by the directorate for infrastructure.

“The Premier will follow up on the matter to ensure that a lasting solution can be found and maintained.”

She added that due to prior commitments, the Premier was not able to accept the dinner invitation.